About Me

Little girl named Grahita was very in love with reading activity. Magazines, novels, comics, everything. Her parents frequently bought her some books. They were oftentimes accompanying their little girl to book stores, and let her chose what books she wanted.

In addition, she was a diary-girl. Writing everything on her diaries. Plural, because one was never enough. Her hand-writings on that moments were related to her life. Family, friends, school, and…puppy love.

When she finally grows up, reading and writing are still in her blood. Because she believes; in order to be something, we must read everything, and write anything.

Just like wise man said, love what you do, if you don’t lucky enough to do what you love. And here I am. Such a lucky woman to do what I’m loving about. Writing. And this site, is the media. Media for writing-down what’s on my mind.

So, would you join me?

Here is the rule.

I write, you read. :)



You can reach me via:
Twitter: @gelaph
Facebook: Grahita Primasari
Email: grahita [dot] primasari [at] gmail [dot] com

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Keren kereeen… lanjutkan :D

    Btw laph, nanya dong …
    ini blog awalnya dari wordpress.com bukan? gimana caranya sekarang jadi .com?

    1. yoih, gue bikin di wordpress, alamatnya gelaph.wordpress.com. Trus di dashboard-nya ada link gitu, nawarin mau ngilangin “wordpress”nya gak?
      Bayar registrasi USD 5, trus biaya tahunan USD 12. Murah, jadi gue ambil hihihi. Gih Put, ilangin wordpress lo :D

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