My 5 Simple yet Amazing Things

Do you have any simple things but amaze you for sure? I do have some and lucky you I’m gonna share this very very important thing for all of you. Here we go :)

1. Remote control

Have you imagine life without remote controls? Umm, maybe there will be no obesity in this world since if you gonna switch on or off your TV, change the channels, you HAVE TO move your ass first, haha. And don’t forget about the air conditioner baby, please find a chair first before you set the temperature as well.

Robert Adler, as the inventor of remote TV, deserves an ice cream for his genius invention, and for making us closer to obesity. Viva la Adler! :D But by the way, he already passed away about four years ago, and he only polished up the Zenith’s invention. Zenith refers to the company where he worked things on inventing those remote controls :D

2. Cassettes

When I was a little kid, I wondered HOW COULD these little cassettes produces some musics by putting them into tape recorder. How could those brown-spinning ribbons turn into songs that nice to be listened? And, if you get a willingness to tease me whether I’m a cave human, still discussing about cassettes while others got CD already, I’ll take it! :D

Since the inventor of cassettes was a company, The Philips Company of Netherland, I’ll keep my ice cream for me myself. Nyamm :D

3.  Eraser

This is the simplest yet the sweetest thing that ever be invented I think. If I have to add a little philosophy here, eraser taught us that nobody’s perfect. Everybody could make a fault, but they themselves deserve an eraser to fix the fault and start a brand new thing :D

Ah, banana split each for Joseph PriestleyEdward NairneCharles Goodyear, and  Hymen Lipman for their roles in inventing eraser. :D

4. Neon Lamp

I think all of you must be agree if I say that lamp is one of the greatest invention that ever existed. I just can’t imagine live my life without lamp, I’m scared of the darkness, FYI. :P

A gallon of choco-vanilla ice cream for Thomas Alva Edison for his genius brain AND thousands trial and error but never give up til the end.

Could you imagine if Edison chose to give up on his, let say, 500th trial? I bet we could find any reason why we hold his/her part of body, accidentally. Ups sorry, don’t mean to do that, I can’t see you coming. Yeah rite.

5. Ice cream 

Is it fair using ice cream as a reward since the first paragraph, but don’t put the inventor into list? Well, ice cream is an anti-stress I think. Consuming ice cream could make you feel calm, and forget your problems for a while.

Since the inventor of ice cream still a mystery, let’s grab your fave one and throw an ice cream party! :D (And worrying about your weight another time :P)

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