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Lately, I really love twitting about #rhyme. It’s a word game which the prologue usually has a special theme while the content is about love matters. Also known as “pantun” in bahasa since it’s ended up with the rhyming words. I am inspired by @myaharyono and @dendiriandi at my timeline, and they are seemingly inspired by @fatimaalkaff and @dwikaputra.

Since the efforts in creating #rhyme can’t be categorized as low, I finally decided to summarize #rhyme at my timeline, which is included #rhyme by others that I retweeted. Check these out! :P

Sept 11, 2011 with the theme: writers

  • You like Arabella Weir, I like J.K Rowling. It’s like our relationship is so last year, but I don’t know why I’m still crying. #rhyme
  • You like Nicola Kraus, I like Meg Cabot. My heart is really in chaos, when you tell me that I’m the one you’re thinking about. #rhyme
  • You’re a fan of Dan Brown, I’m a fan of Ernest Hemingway. Baby please don’t let me down, just believe that God will show us the way. #rhyme

Sept 4, 2011 with the theme: celebrities

  • You love SMASH, I love Cherrybelle. I think we’ll never get crash, simply because of you know me so well. #rhyme
  • You love Nick Carter, I love Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know what you think about her, but you deserve a better person. #rhyme
She & Him Vol.1
  • You love Vin Diesel, I love Bruno Mars. You might think that I’m so cruel, but believe me it’s the best for us. #rhyme
  • You love The Moffats, I love Cindy Bernadette. You really break my heart, when you say no in our last date. #rhyme
  • You love Aming, I love TATU. I’m just feeling like flying, when you tell me that you love me too. #rhyme
  • I love emma watson. U love john f kennedy. Don’t ask me what’s going on. I just missed u already. #rhyme -@dinarianti
  • You love Selena Gomez, I love Will Smith. Don’t you ever make a mess, if you still wanna breath. #rhyme #edisipreman
  • U love Adriana Lima, I love VinDie. Ok she’s a hot mama, but I’m who got the perfect body ;P *sambilpamerboops&hump -@melcmedol
  • You love Teuku Ryan, I love Anne Hathaway. I already gave all of mine, but why you keep going away? #rhyme
  • You love Paul Walker, I love Vin Diesel. My wound is getting better, because of you my pain-killer. #rhyme => ini kesalahan fatal dari gue HAHA
  • You love Ben Stiller, I love Mariah Carey. We looked fit each other, and you just didn’t see? #rhyme
  • You love Craig David, I love Britney Spears. I really wanna shout you stupid, but I’m only able producing tears. #rhyme
  • You love Bryan Adam, I love Adam Sandler. I’m not that dumb, I just don’t expect that you’re a player. #rhyme
  • You love Bruno Mars, I love Scarlet Johansson. Even we’re apart thousand miles, I promise you it’ll never be a poison. #rhyme
  • You love Nikita Willy, I love Richard Gere. It seems you’re so happy, so why I should be sad here?#rhyme
  • You love Sandra Bullock, I love The Paramore. If you keep your heart get blocked, I’ll never disturb you no more. #rhyme

Sept 3, 2011; Theme: Cities and Nations

Mexico City Boulevard
  • You came from Derawan, I came from Taiwan. Please let me be the one, I promise you I never let you down. #rhyme
  • You came from Sukabumi, I came from Melayu. You cheat on me, how dare you?! #rhyme #edisiemosian => ini maksa sih -____-“
  • You came from Miami, I came from New Jersey. I know you’re still loving me, so what took you so long baby? #rhyme
  • I came from Japan. You came from Pakistan. For me, you’re the man. For you, I’m just another woman. #rhyme -@agathatara
  • You came from Lima, I came from Hobart. I swear I’ll tell my momma, if you brave enough to play with my heart. #rhyme #edisianakmanja
  • You came from Madrid, I came from Shanghai. You annoy me so much with your habit, but I always forgive you without knowing why. #rhyme
  • You came from Paris, I came from Cianjur. If you’re still that selfish, I’ll left you baby for sure. #rhyme
  • You come from Iran, I come from Bali (LbhTkenalBaliDbandingIndonesia).. You might look me alike Kim Kardashian, but I’m just Angelina Jolie. -@melcmedol
  • You come from Italy, I come from Oslo. Please don’t spitting on me, if I tell you that I miss you so. #rhyme
  • You come from Gabon, I come from Tokyo. Please don’t let me be alone, I really need you here by my side, bro. #rhyme #brosinibro
  • You come from Sydney, I come from Spain. Why don’t you just kill me, instead of let me alone with this pain. #rhyme
  • You come from Merauke, I come from Athens. If you think I believe all of what you say, you’re just too innocent. #rhyme
Cheese Burger and French Fries
  • If you were a Sundae. I’d be Sprite. Thank you for making my day, and let me greet you a good nite. :) #rhyme
  • If you were a prawn, I’d be a cupcake. If you think you could bring me down, you’re just making your biggest mistake. #rhyme
  • If you’re in Roma, i’d send you a gift. We never play any drama, we just oversensitive. #rhyme -@armeyn
  • If you were ifumie, I’d be a donut. I need you to tell me, we’re not gonna be apart. #rhyme
  • You like wine, I like water. I pretend everything’s fine, while I know this wound wouldn’t get any better. #rhyme -@fatimaalkaff
  • If you were silver ring, I’d be silver ore. Whats the sense in waiting, if you don’t love me anymore? #rhyme -@_adit
  • If you were sunkist, I’d be a bakpao. It’s like I’m still feeling the way you kiss, even I have no idea where are you right now. #rhyme
  • If you were kolang-kaling, I‘d be kue onde. Thank you for calling, you‘re making my day :) #iyahiniemangcurhat #eaeaea-@nisnus

    Strawberry Waffle
  • If you were green tea, I’d be beef burger. What’s the point to be called pretty, if you don’t take me as your lover? #rhyme
  • i like M&M, you like pop mie. if i were Eminem, would you marry me? #rhyme -@saputraroy
  • My fave food is crab, your fave food is shrimp. My heart feels being stabbed, when I see you walk with him #rhyme #bitter | -@dendiriandi
  • You like hamburger, I like cheeseburger. We are perfect for each other, why can’t we just be together? #rhyme #eaaa #kode -@myaharyono
  • If you were a Magnum, I’d be a bread. You’ll miss out the momentum, if you’re still moving like that. #rhyme
  • I love ice cream, you love cigarette. You’re the man of my dream, and I’m the one you can never forget #rhyme #pedebetul -@myaharyono
  • If you were black forrest, I’d be a fruit pie. Baby you’re really the best, no I’m not telling you a lie. #rhyme
  • If you were coke, I’d be a tofu. I think I’m gonna get stroke, If I can’t loving you. #rhyme
  • If you were a meatball, I’d be an Indomie. If you need someone to call, it’s gonna be me. #rhyme #edisicewekpanggilan
  • If you were a biscuit, I’d be a cake. Please understand if I wanna quit, it’s something that you have to take.#rhyme
  • If you’re Heineken, I’d be Tequilla, my heart is already taken, by you my Cinderella #rhyme #broharambro #biarinudahlebaranini -@dendiriandi
  • If you were TOGO, I’d be TORI TORI. Please let me go, I just don’t love you no more, Sorry…#rhyme #sebutmerk -@myaharyono
  • If you were Hamburger, I’d be chicken wing. Can I see your finger, to put this wedding ring? #rhyme  -@dendiriandi
  • If you were a salty peanut, I’d be a coffee. Believe it or not, since I met you I can stop singing L-O-V-E #rhyme -@myaharyono
Red Roses

August 31, 2011; theme: Roses & Violets, August & September

  • Bye August, welcome September. If reason u love me is lust, I hope u gone forever. -@melcmedol
  • Bye August, welcome September. There’s nothing I want to adjust, I just want to be your lover.
  • Bye August, welcome September. If for u i’m only a dust, then let me gone flow by the water. -@melcmedol
  • Bye August, welcome September. If for u i’m only a dust, then let me gone flow by the water.
  • Bye August, welcome September. If you’re gorgeous, then let me be your partner.
  • Bye August, welcome September. Please be serious, I’m really not into a player.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. It‘s time to bed and yes, I‘m waiting for you. -@nisnus
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. It doesn’t mean that I am mad, I’m just too afraid of losing of you.

    Lovely Violets
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. Promise me you’re not getting mad, if I’m telling you that I love you.
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. I know you’re not that bad, you’re just in needing of clue.
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. You are really a jam bred, please give me back my heart, will you?
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. Please do not be sad, I’m always here to be with you.
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. I miss you so bad, but I decide not to tell you.
  • Roses are reds, violets are blue. I know you are camp fred, but why the hell I keep thinking of you?


Burung Irian, burung cenderawasih. Cukup sekian, dan terima Maicih :P

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