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Rhyme Part III

Yak seperti biasa, gue mau mendokumentasikan mainan #rhyme gue di Twitter, karena not documented, not done,  begitu bukan? :P

Dan sekarang, gue mainnya udah nggak pake tema apa-apa, suka-suka aja apa yang terlintas di kepala, check this out! :D

Senin, 17 Oktober 2011,

  • Another day,
    another night.
    The day I walk away,
    will be the day you’ll always regret.
  • The day you’re going for a tour,
    that’s the day I pay the bill.
    I really hate myself for sure,
    to keep in love with you still.
  • I don’t like Sunday,
    because the day after is Monday.
    Just go find your way,
    and I’ll find mine anyway.
  • I love bread,
    you love pudding.
    If only you know how hard I try to get you out of my head,
    I bet you’ll roll on the floor laughing.
  • You wanna be a chef,
    I wanna looked glamour.
    I swear all by myself,
    no one never gonna hurt me anymore.
  • After one is two,
    next three then four.
    All I want is you,
    and nothing more.
    #rhyme -@dendiriandi
  • Another day,
    another night.
    You will realize someday,
    that leaving me is the biggest mistake you ever had.
    #rhyme -@myaharyono
  • As long as you happy,
    I’ll never bother you honey.
    Did you put it in your CV,
    if you’re the master of make me crying like a baby. #rhyme
  • Baby save your pride,
    before we see the risen sun.
    Please don’t commit suicide,
    if you see me with another man next month. #rhyme
  • I sing westlife’s song i need you,
    they sing sm*sh’s song i heart you.
    The more I try to forget you,
    the more I fall into you.
    #rhyme -@anggaAK47
  • Do not love one but two.
    I’m the one who always love you.
    #rhyme -@myaharyono
  • Do not love one but three.
    I’m the one who will erase your worry.
    #rhyme -@myaharyono
  • I wanna go to Paris,
    you wanna go to Bogor.
    Mainly point in this #rhyme game is,
    I’m still an idiot like before.
  • Life is colorful,
    even when you’re not here with me.
    Life will be so much beautiful,
    if I can forget you as easy as you do that to me. #rhyme
  • If you’re moon,
    I’d be the star.
    I wanna marry you soon,
    but how come when the distance separate us so far.
    #rhyme -@dendiriandi
  • If you’re the sky,
    I’d be the sun.
    Baby please don’t cry,
    or I will shoot you with my gun.
    #rhyme #maksudnyapa#sadisbener #udahmulaingaco -@dendiriandi
  • everybody have their own way,
    but never know what they’re looking for.
    Why do u have to go so far away,
    to the place u never know before
    #rhyme -@anggaAK47
  • You smoke cigarette,
    it will kill you someday.
    Something that I will never forget,
    that smile you gave me that day
    #rhyme -@anggaAK47
  • You’re so selfish,
    yet having a tender touch.
    Something that I have learnt is,
    do not ever expect too much.
    #rhyme #mulaicabul
  • Why keep living in bitter,
    if I can kick you to the hell.
    There’s no one could love you better,
    simply because of I know you so well. #rhyme
  • Life is hard,
    life is a fight.
    If you still won’t open your heart,
    please stop come into my dream everynight
    #rhyme -@anggaAK47
  • I’m gonna be a wife,
    gonna be someone’s part.
    Thanks for crossing in my life,
    now help me to cut you out of my heart. #rhyme

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

  • Why don’t you just click follow,
    instead of being a stalker.
    I’m missing your shadow,
    dear you my heartbreaker. #rhyme
  • I love Lays,
    you love Mayashi.
    I love you always,
    please baby can’t you see? #rhyme
  • AC needs freon,
    while I just need wagyu.
    How can I moved on,
    when I’m still in love with you #rhyme #TheScript
  • It’s almost midnight,
    but I can’t yet shut my eyes.
    Before you find your Mr. Right,
    you have to face Mr.Pervert’s bites. #rhyme #cabulLevel1
  • There’s a butter on the floor.
    My heart beats faster when you close the door.
    #rhyme -@myaharyono
  • You’re craving for Mercedez-Benz,
    while I’m craving for Mazda 2.
    No more nonsense,
    I’m simply hating you. #rhyme
  • Please take this meal,
    don’t need to be shy.
    Emptiness is all what I feel,
    and I just don’t know why. #rhyme
  • This is October,
    next is November.
    Thanks for being my partner,
    now go away coz I already have another. #rhyme
  • Let’s have barbeque,
    after I got my hair trimmed.
    I’m attracted to you,
    but why you’re attracted to HIM? #rhyme
  • I love playing with bubble,
    while you just take a sit.
    Don’t ever think you’re irreplaceable,
    I can have another you in a minute. #rhyme
  • I wanna go to Iran,
    you wanna go to Peru.
    I’m not yet falling to anyone,
    since there’s no one loves myself better than I do. #rhyme
  • I like shopping in the mall,
    you like eating at resto.
    My previous #rhyme is a #curcol,
    just for your info. xP
  • I’m gonna counting sheeps,
    how pathetic is it seems?
    Let’s go to sleep,
    you all sweet dreams. :) #rhyme
Yak, udah, gitu doang. *udah males ngemeng panjang lebar* xP

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