My 5 Where to Go before I Die

You do have places that you wanna go there someday, don’t you? In this post I wanna tell you about places that I should visit before I die. Here we go ! :)

1. Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia

Diving Site at Weh IslandI know this place from my office mates. They went there several months ago and based on their story, it’s a must to put Weh Island as one of your fave destination. Have you seen Finding Nemo the movie? That’s exactly what I imagine about Weh Island, beautiful corals and underwater creatures. Besides, accommodation right there could be categorized as inexpensive. You can stay overnight for only IDR 60-70K each person. And lucky me, my office mates and I, have planned to go there at this mid September. I really wanna try to dive because Weh Island is declared as one of top three the most beautiful diving site in Indonesia besides Raja Ampat, Papua and Liberty, Bali. Honestly, it will be one kind of my fearful moment, but I think I have to try diving, not only snorkeling. Wish me luck! :P

2. Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia

Uh-oh, I really love beaches actually. And this place is so tempting to be reached. One obstacle why this place won’t be visited yet by me in a few months ahead is the rate is in USD or Euro. Yeah rite. Pay with foreign currency at your own country is quite weird for me. (Read: it’s expensive, baby! :P).

3. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

I someday have to go there. With my spouse. Just both of us. Period. (Did I hear a sweet “ooohhh” from you, reader? Like at the soap opera? :P). I heard from people who had step-on their feet right there, and the comments were just like “so-so”. For the God sake, it’s just a tower! The feeling was the same with if I went to Monas, friend of mine once told me. Ah, I still wanna fly there. :)

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

I once watched TV showing about this place and immediately fell in love. Located at Arizona, southwestern USA, this place is really full of mystery, I think. Hard rocks, as the symbol of power of God in creating this spot would be an “AHAmoment” for me to realize my limitation as a human. How small I am if I’m being compared with His lordship. And the bonus of that is this place is really gorgeous. No wonder it’s chosen as one of 7 natural wonders of the world. One thing that maybe I won’t like about this place is it’s like so hot and dry out there. :P

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I don’t know why if I hear Rio de Janeiro, one thing crossing my mind is sexiness. Just can’t help it! :P Had Googled about it and really drowning in love with this municipality. Two places that I dream to be there are Guanabara Bay and Copacabana Beach. And me wishing to get around the lovely downtown too, of course.

So, I just told you about my where to go before I die, what about yours? :)

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