My Top 5 Imagination as a 5! :D

Twenty five years old. Officially, since eight days ago.

I’m just thinking… If I have to gift myself, it must be something silvery. Because, twenty five is usually associated with silver. (It’s not a #code, I tell you :P)

Well, when I do blog-walking, I oftentimes bump into these interesting lines.

God, in this 25 age, please bless me:

Faithfulness as 55,
Prudence as 45,
Maturity as 35,
Energy as 15,
and Imagination as 5.

So sweet yet very deep.

Therefore, in this happy-birthday-self post, I explore my imagination. Trying to be a five-year-old-fatty-cute-lil kid (again).

As a result, I’m gonna share you about five imaginary things I wanna have. They’re not kinda walk-in-the-air ability, breath-in-the-water power, or maybe get-into-somebody’s-mind energy. No. BIG NO.

But yeah.. quite similar, I admit. :P

Here we go! :D


1. Anti-injury body.

When I was a kid, I used to have so many scars on knees and elbows. (I bet you had it too! :P). Many times, I stopped playing around just because I got hurt. Blister, bleeding skin, painful bones, you name it.

My memory goes to one day when my friends and I were playing hide-and-seek. Accidentally, I fell hard onto asphalt. Don’t ask me why, I even can’t remember.

As I know, at that moment, I cried hard. So hard, until one of my neighbor’s mom finally came, and took care of my bleeding knee.

Lately I think, if I got anti-injury body when I was a kid, I would be so much happier. Playing around everyday, with my smiley chubby face. Laughing hard, jumping high, running fast, never ever think about got injured. Oh, what a wonderful world. Can you imagine the joy and happiness I mean? :D

Although wise people say scars could be a reminder to be stronger, who cares?

Where’s my anti-injury body?! Give it to me! :D


2. Auto-reload chocolate box

I loved chocolate. Still in love, and will always do. Imagine a box full of chocolate, let’s say sized as a  standard suitcase. It would auto-reload itself when mini me grabbed any. Consisted of many kinds of chocolate. Milky chocolate bar, original dark chocolate, sweet choco candies, almond and peanut choco balls, choco pasta, creamy white chocolate, crunchy choco wafer, choco biscuits, and…. many more.

Ah, even my 25 me won’t refuse if she’s getting the box rite now (.__.)


3. Got Doraemon at home

Doraemon was one of my biggest dream. Oh well, okay, it has been being one of my biggest-yet-impossible wish since I was 5. Sunday morning at 8 o’clock, always been being my favorite time, until I was at college. That’s the time he’s on air on TV. I love him so much. And how his pocket always amaze me, is the reason.

“Mama, can I get Doraemon at home?” Mini me once asked my mom.

And she answered, “he’s just an imagination. Not real.”

Little me was so sad. It was just like, my dream is dead, being stabbed.

But suddenly, my dad put a Doraemon accessories in his car.
About 15 cm tall, attached at front window, and nodding his head when my dad braked the car.
I was so happy! Playing with him, scratching his belly, knocking his head, talking to him as he could answer my questions…

Oh, I loved my Doraemon! :D


4. Being an angel!

Kiddo me ever thought about “how beautiful life is if I’m an angel”. I don’t know why I was wanting to be one. Movies effect, maybe.

Can you imagine a lil fat girl, short-straight-black hair, with shiny transparent wings? And… you’re not forgetting about the magic wand, right? :D

Avadra kedavra!

Aha, you died. A kind-hearted lil angel had killed you. :P


5. Living in a beautiful cotton candy castle

Cotton candy castle as home was a great idea. Pink, soft, cloud-shaped, and…eatable. It also has two towers and beautiful ballroom for my friends and me playing indoor games. Such as barbies, lego, cards, etc.

Having home like that would keep away the accidental-banging-head-to-the-wall from me. As a bonus, I could make snacking time with the wall! And, don’t be scared. The cotton-candy-which–has–been-eaten is having ability to grow again. So, my castle wouldn’t fall to pieces.

That’s it. My top 5 imagination as a 5 y.o kid.

How about the 25 y.o. woman’s imagination inside me?

Hmmm.. I tell you, it could be not far away as “the-always-neat-hair-even-if-I-didn’t-comb”, or “the-debit-card-which-always-double-the-balance-when-being-used”, or maybe “a-power-to-put-everything-in-their-exact-place-with-a-blink.” Great wishes, yes?

At last, happy bday self! Be grateful for what you are, because…

You’re now twenty five, so…. keep alive! :D

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