Hey It’s #Rhyme (Again)!

by gelaph

Mimi and me played #rhyme again on Twitter after a quite-long break. The rules were only two. First, we had to create rhyming lines which have a continuous meaning from the previous tweet. Second, I used English while Mimi used bahasa.

We decided to play kinda mini #rhyme since a sentence was consisted of two rhyming lines only, not four as we usually play.

And, here we go! :)

  • @myaharyono
    Kenangan jangan sering-sering dikenang,
    nanti air matamu menggenang.  #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    If only you know how hard I try,
    avoiding memories become a cry. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Air mata di pipi akan mengering,
    pertanda cahaya di hati segera menyingsing. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    And I’m really waiting for the day,
    the day I leave the tears away. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Luka di hati ini,
    adalah suka suatu hari nanti. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Promise yourself there will no him,
    in your loudest dream and scream. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Di mimpiku dia milikku,
    di realitiku dia mimpiku.  #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Hope someday I’m gonna wake up,
    find somebody while put on make up. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Suatu hari,
    kan kutemukan satu hati. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Someone who loves me right,
    right from his deepest heart. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Jika dia tak membuat hatimu mantap,
    mungkin dia bukan pria yg tepat. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Is it a fault to love someone at the first sight?
    His smile makes my day becomes bright. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Cinta tidak salah,
    kamu saja yang akhirnya kalah. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Then apparently we’re just playing game?
    For whom I can blast all of my blame? #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Jika cinta bukan permainan,
    mengapa aku selalu dipermainkan?#rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Probably we must be a good player,
    in order to be a winner. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu rasanya menang,
    jika tak mau berjuang. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    If I didn’t fight,
    didn’t mean he’s just not right. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Menyerahku bukan karena tak lagi mencintai,
    tapi aku lebih mencintai diri sendiri. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Because I used to love you all by myself,
    without any single thing was left. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Hal-hal biasa bersamanya,
    justru luar biasa sulit melupakannya. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Instead of forgetting,
    I prefer doing something. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Aku ingin lupa,
    jika tidak bisa besok mungkin lusa. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    I promise to forget him another day,
    and maybe in another way. #rhyme

Then we switched. I used bahasa while Mimi used English.

  • @myaharyono
    Someday my hair will turn grey,
    I wonder will I still love him all the way? #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Aku akan mencintainya sepenuh hati,
    sampai nanti sampai mati. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Every time I cry,
    a little each time I hope you could die. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Aku mengingatmu dalam tangis,
    dengan hati teriris. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    I get over,
    but I still remember. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Saat kita terus mengingat tanpa sebab,
    apakah berarti kita masih berharap? #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    He used to be my only love,
    now he’s my only hope. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Manusia katanya hidup karena asa,
    namun aku rasanya sudah binasa. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Hope doesn’t kill,
    expectation does make nothing to feel. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Lama-lama aku terbiasa,
    terbiasa hidup tanpa rasa. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    The day he left me,
    is the day I started to live happily. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Kamu yakin kamu bahagia?
    Hidup sendiri tanpa dia?#rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    My happiness doesn’t depend on somebody,
    it depends on me. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Mungkin benar apa yang kau bilang,
    asal namanya jangan terus terngiang. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Though in his life I’m no longer allowed,
    hope I can still make him proud. #rhyme

That’s it.  :P

What do you think? Hope that they are good enough. :)

Last but not least, thanks for reading our killing-time activity. :P


7 Comments to “Hey It’s #Rhyme (Again)!”

  1. Untung sajah bos gue ga mainan twitter. Bisa kena marah gue jam kerja malah mainan rhyme di twitter haha

    • Boss lo mungkin nggak main. Tapi yang lain? Si Boss bisa denger nih, hahaha. Bodo amatlah ya. Gue juga lagi idle banget kemarin. Daripada gue bakar kantor gitu kan. :P

  2. Reblogged this on mimicucu and commented:
    Jaman SD disebutnya Pantun, jaman socmed disebutnya Rhyme…

  3. Gila lho kalian ini,

    I even can’t make one. You guys make dozens. *sembah*

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