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Hey It’s #Rhyme (Again)!

Mimi and me played #rhyme again on Twitter after a quite-long break. The rules were only two. First, we had to create rhyming lines which have a continuous meaning from the previous tweet. Second, I used English while Mimi used bahasa.

We decided to play kinda mini #rhyme since a sentence was consisted of two rhyming lines only, not four as we usually play.

And, here we go! :)

  • @myaharyono
    Kenangan jangan sering-sering dikenang,
    nanti air matamu menggenang.  #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    If only you know how hard I try,
    avoiding memories become a cry. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Air mata di pipi akan mengering,
    pertanda cahaya di hati segera menyingsing. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    And I’m really waiting for the day,
    the day I leave the tears away. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Luka di hati ini,
    adalah suka suatu hari nanti. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Promise yourself there will no him,
    in your loudest dream and scream. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Di mimpiku dia milikku,
    di realitiku dia mimpiku.  #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Hope someday I’m gonna wake up,
    find somebody while put on make up. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Suatu hari,
    kan kutemukan satu hati. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Someone who loves me right,
    right from his deepest heart. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Jika dia tak membuat hatimu mantap,
    mungkin dia bukan pria yg tepat. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Is it a fault to love someone at the first sight?
    His smile makes my day becomes bright. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Cinta tidak salah,
    kamu saja yang akhirnya kalah. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Then apparently we’re just playing game?
    For whom I can blast all of my blame? #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Jika cinta bukan permainan,
    mengapa aku selalu dipermainkan?#rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Probably we must be a good player,
    in order to be a winner. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu rasanya menang,
    jika tak mau berjuang. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    If I didn’t fight,
    didn’t mean he’s just not right. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Menyerahku bukan karena tak lagi mencintai,
    tapi aku lebih mencintai diri sendiri. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Because I used to love you all by myself,
    without any single thing was left. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Hal-hal biasa bersamanya,
    justru luar biasa sulit melupakannya. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Instead of forgetting,
    I prefer doing something. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Aku ingin lupa,
    jika tidak bisa besok mungkin lusa. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    I promise to forget him another day,
    and maybe in another way. #rhyme

Then we switched. I used bahasa while Mimi used English.

  • @myaharyono
    Someday my hair will turn grey,
    I wonder will I still love him all the way? #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Aku akan mencintainya sepenuh hati,
    sampai nanti sampai mati. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Every time I cry,
    a little each time I hope you could die. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Aku mengingatmu dalam tangis,
    dengan hati teriris. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    I get over,
    but I still remember. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Saat kita terus mengingat tanpa sebab,
    apakah berarti kita masih berharap? #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    He used to be my only love,
    now he’s my only hope. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Manusia katanya hidup karena asa,
    namun aku rasanya sudah binasa. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Hope doesn’t kill,
    expectation does make nothing to feel. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Lama-lama aku terbiasa,
    terbiasa hidup tanpa rasa. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    The day he left me,
    is the day I started to live happily. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Kamu yakin kamu bahagia?
    Hidup sendiri tanpa dia?#rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    My happiness doesn’t depend on somebody,
    it depends on me. #rhyme
  • @gelaph
    Mungkin benar apa yang kau bilang,
    asal namanya jangan terus terngiang. #rhyme
  • @myaharyono
    Though in his life I’m no longer allowed,
    hope I can still make him proud. #rhyme

That’s it.  :P

What do you think? Hope that they are good enough. :)

Last but not least, thanks for reading our killing-time activity. :P

7 thoughts on “Hey It’s #Rhyme (Again)!

    1. Boss lo mungkin nggak main. Tapi yang lain? Si Boss bisa denger nih, hahaha. Bodo amatlah ya. Gue juga lagi idle banget kemarin. Daripada gue bakar kantor gitu kan. :P

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