My Top 5: Gift from God You Should Thank

I oftentimes think about gifts from God people got, but seems they themselves didn’t realize if there is a gift they should thank. Kind of something which couldn’t be learned. Simply a gift, from God.

My list then comes as like this:

1. Photogenic
Yes, photogenic. Some people think it’s a weakness instead of strength since the person is uglier compared to the picture.

But why we didn’t see it positively? I’ve been thinking if being photogenic is a gift. It’s a gift from God which couldn’t be learned. It is only given to some chosen people.

But well, there is artificial photogenic nowadays. Photoshop photogenic, that’s my word for people who looked so much better on a picture after giving a huge effort in editing on Photoshop (other software is counted :P).

2. Eat more, get fatty less
Do you have friends who eat so much, too much, very very much, yet still slim all the way? They eat what you eat, even more. They don’t exercise regularly, just like you. But the unfairness is, you’re getting weight while they’re not. It’s their super-fast metabolism which should be blamed for our envy. Okay, my envy.

3. Fast catcher
There’s no other term crossing my mind but “fast catcher” when I meet somebody who can catch-up with any conversation. No, I don’t mean a “fast learner”. They don’t even learn. There is something with their brains. They can think one step faster than common people.

Yeah, they’re just very smart from the first place.

4. Mingle as easy as sing a jingle
I have colleagues who could mingle with everyone easily. I mean, everyone. Didn’t see gender, age, profession, etc. These gifted people could make others feel comfort, even from the first conversation. Some (or many) of gifted ones are able to make people share private problems even at their first met. Sick.

5. Navigator soul
I always admire people who could remember one new place and how to get there correctly although they just had gone to the place once. I come, I see, I remember. How could they do that? Never turn their eyes off of the streets, maybe?

That’s my list. And errrr…. Somebody will encourage me to finish my 2nd part of Java Jazz story, right? :P

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